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Founder of Nourish Culinary in Washington DC

Meet Our Founder

Dara Lyubinsky honed her proverbial knife skills in some of New York’s busiest kitchens. She’s developed and styled recipes for The New York Times best-selling cookbooks, and programs like ABC’s The View.

Dara discovered her passion was in families’ homes, preparing chef-made meals for their life events and everyday living. The Nourish Culinary crew is a team of culinary pros who share Dara’s passion for crafting wholesome foods and nourishing experiences. From professional athletes with strict dietary plans to bustling households with picky palates, Dara’s team has become a vital fixture in their clients’ everyday lives.

Dara lives in North Bethesda with her husband, Michael, and their three children who completely take their live-in private chef for granted—but always clear their plates from the table.

Meet the Nourish Family

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