Where do you offer your services?
We nourish the greater D.C. Metro area.

Where is the food prepared?
If you have basic cooking equipment, we’ll prepare your meals right in your own kitchen. And if you don’t have the basics, we’ll bring ours! Plus, we take care of cleanup, too.

What kind of foods do you cook?
All kinds! We customize menus to satisfy your individual health goals, dietary requirements and personal tastes. And we use real, unprocessed ingredients to ensure that every dish is fresh, wholesome and unequivocally delicious.

Can you accommodate food allergies or dietary restrictions?
Absolutely! Our mission is to nourish you. So, whether you follow a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, ketogenic (or other) diet, you’re recovering from an injury, or you’re managing a health concern that requires special dietary guidelines… we’ll adhere to all your requests and requirements.  We’re also happy to consult with your nutritionist or physician.

Do you offer breakfast, lunch and dinner?
We personalize our service to your preferences. So, whether you want breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just dinner and healthy snacks, we’ve got you covered. And the number of meals you choose (and family members we’ll feed) will help determine your flat rate per cooking session.

Do you cook for babies? 
You bet! And toddlers, teens and grandparents, too. We love nourishing the whole family. For baby, we’ll create fresh, homemade foods to help them grow. And as they do, we’ll help you introduce them to all the flavors of the food rainbow.

How many cooking sessions do I need per week?
The number of sessions depends on how many meals you’d like for us to prepare. We recommend 1-3 cooking sessions per week. And we suggest eating all fresh food within 5 days of preparation.

How does scheduling and menu selection work?
You and your personal chef will set up your preferred day of the week and regular time slot. You’ll receive a custom menu each week, full of nourishing meals based on your preferences, so you can review it and request any changes.

Who does the grocery shopping?
We do! Groceries are ordered online and delivered to your home prior to your chef’s arrival. Easy breezy. 

What if I need to reschedule my cooking session?
If you need to reschedule, please do so 48 hours in advance. If you are unable to provide 48 hours’ notice, a service fee of $300 will apply. This policy ensures we can meet all of our families’ requests and respect our chefs’ time.

Do I have to be home while the chef is cooking?
No! In fact, we cook for many of our clients while they’re at work. We slip in, cook, clean up and leave a fridge full of beautiful, flavorful meals behind. Like the dinner fairies you always dreamed of. In light of Covid-19, if you’d prefer meal delivery over having a personal chef in your home, you’ve got it. We follow all health and safety protocols for meal preparation and packaging, and can provide contactless delivery.

How does payment work?
You’ll receive a weekly invoice that you can pay online via bank transfer or credit card (a transaction fee may be applied).


Pricing starts at $300/nourishing cooking session plus the cost of groceries.

We customize our in-home cooking sessions for each client. So, we’ll have a consultation call to discuss the number of meals and types of menus that best meet your needs. An appropriate flat rate for your family will be determined, based on the following:

  • Amount of food 
  • Number of servings 
  • Dietary requirements 
  • Menu complexity
  • Preparation time
  • Chef’s experience level


We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our chefs, clients and everyone in the Nourish family. In accordance with the CDC and local health officials, you should not have in-home cooking sessions if you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, suspect you’ve been exposed, or are experiencing any symptoms. 

We will continue to adhere to the guidance of federal and local health authorities and make any updates to our services accordingly. We wish you good health, full bellies and continued safety!