Why You Need a Personal Chef

Chef smiling warmly in a home kitchen, showcasing the inviting experience of Specialty Personal Chef Services in DC.

If there’s anything I’ve heard a lot of over the years, it’s a comment along the lines of, “if I ever won the lottery, a personal chef would be the first person I would hire.”  

The truth is, paying someone else to manage the weekly meals for your family isn’t necessarily bank breaking.  Many of our clients report that they were spending more on daily takeout and wasted groceries than they end up paying for our services. 

One of the biggest parts of our job is making a plan.  We consider our clients’ dietary needs and then create a menu and grocery list to accompany that menu.  We have a clear roadmap of the meals we will be making.  That piece of the pie is something that a lot of people struggle finding the time (or interest) to do. 

Our chefs research recipes and read cookbooks like they are novels.  We recipe test on our own families and scour farmer’s markets for the best the season has to offer. Taking that piece off of our clients’ plates provides a huge amount of relief.  BUT, if that were enough, then services like Blue Apron, or Hello Fresh wouldn’t serve as the catalysts that they are for our influx of new clients.  Those services relieve the pressure of menu planning and shopping, but still require a lot of work in the kitchen to execute the meals and people often burn out from all of that chopping and cooking. 

Here are the top reasons YOU need a personal chef:

  1.  Our personal chefs discreetly and neatly use their well honed skills to execute the menus and beautifully fill your fridge with ready-to-go meals to feed your family throughout the week.
  1.  They get to know and understand the nuanced preferences of your family and take pleasure in creating meals for you week after week that you’ll be really excited to enjoy.
  1.  They give you the gift of time with your loved ones.  Dinnertime around a table with the people you love the most is so much more enjoyable when you have an inner calm that we have found for so many people comes from successfully outsourcing parts of your family care where you are able.  When you’re working all day or chasing after your kids all day or running from place to place, the bandwidth to prepare a nutritious, healthful, complete meal runs low, and a professional chef will focus solely on doing that bit for your family.
  1. Pasta again? Our chefs won’t repeat a menu item unless you ask them to.  We take pride in introducing our clients (and their kids!) to new ingredients that didn’t otherwise make too much of an appearance on their weekly menus.  
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